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Nell’ambito delle iniziative contro la criminale coalizione tra banche, assicurazioni ed Equitalia che ha per vittime le popolazioni di tutto il mondo, il CANS (Comitato Antiusura Napoli e Sud-Italia) pubblica la traduzione in inglese del fumetto “La truffa del signoraggio” (già diffusa, in italiano, sul link La truffa del signoraggio (Versione Italiana) ).
Nel caso qualche lettore madrelingua o, comunque, esperto in inglese rilevi delle inesattezze nel testo, farà gradita cosa se ce le segnalerà alla email: .
Buona fortuna a tutti noi euro-schiavi, nel tentativo di liberarci dal giogo dell’avida, ipocrita, buguarda, spietata, sanguinaria speculazione globalizzatrice e bancocratica …

Cinese Tradizionale (中文版)

Cinese Semplificato (简体中文版)

Greco  (ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ Έκδοση)

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assembly by AlexFocus for “Azione Popolare” and “Lotta di Popolo” organizations


Pictorial Introduction

in order to learn quickly the mechanism of the


Feature from the volume:

HIGH FINANCE AND MISERY – The world-wide usurocracy on the people skin

Italian publisher: ControCorrente, 2008  


This job has scope of information spreading, to use of the social organizations engaged on the territory for the instruction of people and the organization of manifestations against the superpower of the elité banks and of the international speculators whose objective, from always, is to hold hidden to the masses the truth. 
The publication and diffusion of this synthesis are authorized by the Author and the publishing house ControCorrente. The splendid pictures are works of the designer Laurent De Bona.

This initiative is connected to the formation of the Clubs of the Three Points, that are:
1.    refusing the false public debt built by Private Banks & Politicians and rebuild National Bank,
2.    reprint national banknotes by only National Press;
3.    financing only public interest works, not the speculation.

Editing e composition by Alex Focus for
‘Azione Popolare’ and ‘Lotta di Popolo’ organizations. 

The signalling of eventual errors and/or omissions is welcome to the email address:
or to cell phone: +39.338.81.52.862 
Because I'm not native English speaker please forgive me if it be long a while to respond, or if there are imperfections in the terminology / grammar. 


A monetary system based on debt
Free reduction by Vittorio SOLDAINI


Fig. 1

Five Canadian survivors landed on "an island".
Exulted Frank, carpenter, Paul, land farmer, Jim, breeder, Harry, fruit trees farmer and finally Tom, prospector. Paul noted that the land was suitable for cultivation, Harry discovered some fruit trees, Frank found a great variety of timber to build houses for all. Tom found signs of rich deposits. It became the Salvation Island



Fig. 2

To our five men, setting foot on land was like returning to life from the grave. Once dried and heated, their first impulse was to explore it. A quick survey was sufficient to lift their spirits. Judging from the herds of semi-domestic animals they encountered, there must have been other men in the past. Jim, the breeder, was sure he could domesticate them and put them in their service.
Paul noted that the island's soil, for the most part, was suitable for cultivation.
Harry discovered some fruit trees that worked properly, could give good yields



Fig. 3

The island of the Salvation, with the job of the five men, became richest of every good necessary to the life. The wealth was not that relative one to the gold or the banknotes, but of alimony, garments, dwellings, spirituality; of all those indispensable things to the human requirements.
Everyone cured also its transactions without lacking something to any other.
They knew of serious the crisis that had hit Canada for lack of money: there were the people with the empty bellies and the department store full of alimony that only few riches could acquire.
On the island of the Salvation the taxes were disowned and the five did not live in the fear of the arrival of the tax-collector.



Fig. 4

Our men often met for dealing their transactions. In their simple economic system, a thing was beginning to bother them: they did not have money. The barter had relative disadvantages: the produced goods to exchange were not always current or fresh when it was contracted. Sometimes a man could have made a product of great value that could not be, unfortunately, compensated by the product of the other men in that moment.
With a monetary system everyone could have sold own product to the others for money. With those money it could have acquired from the others the things that he wished, when he wished them and when they were available.



Fig. 5

While they were discussing, they saw a small boat with a single man approaching to the island. It was be a case of castaway. They said: “The earth and the forest supply to us all we need to live. It lacks only the money that would facilitate the exchanges of our products.”

  “I am a banker – told them the newcomer - and can realize the monetary system, So I will have this that all the civil populations have.



Fig. 6

Mr. Oliver, like our banker, your single occupation on this island will be to occupy you of our money, no unskilled labor.” “As every other banker - Oliver said inflated - I will carry out the work of forgings of the pr0sperity of the Community and therefore I will satisfy your desires, friends of mine. But, in the first instance, my boat must be unloaded. In it there are paper and a typographical press, complete of ink. Moreover there is a small keg that I exhort to you to dealing with the greatest cure. It contains - Oliver with emphasis continued - the treasure of all the dreams: it is full of GOLD! Yes, friends of mine, I have gold for a continent enough. But the gold is not made for the circulation, it must be hidden, because it is the spirit of the true money and the spirit is always invisible. But I will explain all to you when you receive your first financing…



Fig. 7

Oliver turned them a last question:
How many money serve to you in order to begin to carry out your commerce easily?
After some calculations, they decided that 200$ everyone could be enough. Oliver, to the first light of the dawn, dug a well in which rolled the keg. The gold was hidden adequately! It put in function his small press in order to print thousand tickets of 1$ size. The castaway banker thought between himself:
How much is simple to make the money with the money! All the their value comes from the products that they will afford to acquire. Without producing these banknotes would be worthless. Mine five ingenuous ones will not never realize it. They really think that the value of their money derives from the gold! Their ignorance will make me their landlord.



Fig. 8

The five packages of banknotes were on the table, and the banker said: “I would appreciate your attention. The base of all the money is the gold. And it, stored in my center, is MY GOLD, consequently, the money is mine. I will deliver you but, as you can see, you will have to pay the interest, I think that 8% are reasonable
Oh, is enough reasonable, Mr. Oliver”, told the men.
A last point, friends of mine: everyone of you will have to sign a paper. With it you will engage yourselves to pay AS WELL AS the interest HOW MUCH the capital, under the pain of the seizure of your properties. This is a pure formality. Your property is not of any interest for me. I’m satisfied alone with the money. And I consider that I will obtain my money and you will maintain your property.



Fig. 9

And so the banknotes of Mr. Oliver entered in circulation on the island. The commerce, simplified by the money, doubled. All were happy, the money were truly the blood of the economic organism!
Then Tom noticed that, like the others, he had signed the agreement in order to reimburse Oliver, in a year, 200$ more the interests: 16$, so asked to the other friends:
Are we really able to honour our obligations? If also we gave him all the banknotes existing on the island, would lack us 80$ that were never printed. We have many products, but we do not have a single dollar. So Oliver will be able to get hold of the entire island since all entirety we will not be able to give him back both the capital and the interests! We will all fall in the insolvency and the banker will have all! It is necessary to make a reunion in order to decide in purpose quickly, the banker will become available in order to resolve the problem”.   So they decided to ask a reunion to Oliver



Fig. 10

Oliver carefully listened to Frank who explained: “How will we be able to pay to you 1’080$ when there are only 1'000$ on the island?
Oliver answered: “The difference is the interests. Haven’t You increased your production?
Sure - Frank answered - but 80$per the interests do not have them nobody. You ask the money, not our produced ones. You have printed 1'000$ but you ask 1'080$
The banker, calm, said: “The bankers, for the good of the community, always adapt themselves to the requirements of the times. I will ask you only the interests and you will continue to hold the capital.”
Frank asked: “Do you will cancel the 200$ debit that we must to you?” “Oh, not! , - Oliver replied - a banker never does not cancel a debit. You must still all the money to me that I have lend to you. If you will reimburse me every year the interests I will not speed up the restitution of the capital. Well, must that you organize yourselves like a nation, realizing a system of taxation. Those who will have more money, they will be taxed more; the poor ones will pay less. Assured to you that altogether you can pay the interests that you must to me and I will be satisfied.”



Fig. 11

Oliver mused:
"Business is good. These guys are good workers, but stupid. Their ignorance and their naivety is my strength.
They believe that has been wrecked, and not imagine that I came here on purpose, with all my equipment to cheat them!
They ask for money and, instead, I give them the chains of slavery.
They could rise up and throw me overboard!? But I do not think so!
I have their signatures. They are honest people: they are workers...
They have been put into this world to serve financiers.
I am the master of Salvation Island because I control the money of the whole island, I could rule the universe: bankers, industrialists, politicians, soldiers, teachers, journalists, everyone would be my servants.
The masses are satisfied to live in slavery, when those in power belongs to the political party they voted



Fig. 12

The things went worse in worse.  The production was elevated but the commercial exchanges were lessened. The phenomenon of the monetary rarefaction appeared. Those who paid the higher taxes protested against which they paid less. They increased the prices of their goods in order to compensate the losses and people bought less. The banker admonished against the risk of the inflation and recommended of having confidence. The joy to live was not more. The products were sold to lowest cost since there were not enough money. When it was succeeded to sell, the taxes to Oliver had to be paid. It was a real crisis and the five accused each to another to hold the prices too much high or not to consume enough. Harry thought to the situation and arrived to the conclusion that the “progress”, introduced from the monetary system, had ruined all and decided to talk about it to his friends. He began with Jim and decided to go at Oliver home for a clarification.



Fig. 13

A true storm burst in the ears of the banker. “On the island the money is limited, moreover you take them away continuously! We pay them and still we pay them, but still we must return money to you like the beginning. We only work for you, but equally we are not in order! We have the earth finest possible, but we are poorer than before the day of your arrival
Oliver, with false surprise, replied: “A good bank system is the better good of the country. But in order to work at best you must have confidence in the banker. You come to me as a father… do you need more money? My keg of gold is sufficient for many thousands of dollars more. You see, is sufficient that you mortgage other of your properties and will be available other thousand dollars
And the five: “So our debit would go to 2' 000$! We would have to pay the double quantity of interests and to pay so for the remainder of our life
And Oliver: “Your properties will increase of value and I will lend more money. You will not pay more never more of the interests and the residual capital. And you could transfer the debit of a year to the following one
And the five: “And so will the taxes increase from year to year?” And Oliver: “Obviously, but also your yields will increase every year”. The men: “therefore, the more the country is developed with our job, more the national debt increases?” And concluded Oliver, triumphant: “Sure!
Nothing debits, nothing progress!



Fig. 14

Is this is a healthy monetary system, Mr. Oliver?”  the five men asked and the banker replied them: “Gentleman, the true money are based on the gold and are introduced on the market through the debits. The public debt is a good thing, maintains the men in competition between them in order to increase their wealth. Like banker, I am the torch of the civilization and the progress here on your island where I will dictate your politics and I will regulate your level of life”. The men irritated from the imposition rebelled: “Mr. Oliver, we will not take other cent from you” and the squalid banker replied: “Gentleman, remember that I have your signatures. Therefore I ask you all the immediate reimbursement, of capital and interests.” The five, stunned: “Even if we gave to you all the existing money on the island, still we would not be repaired with you” And he: “You have signed. Haven’t you? Yes? - and after he told cruelly - If you do not intend to fulfil to your obligations, then you will obey with the force. You will continue to take advantage of the island, but in my interest and second my will!



Fig. 15

Oliver now had the control of the community money, but she knew that, for having the total control, is necessary to condition people with misleading information in order to distract anyone about recognizing the true cause of the problems. Oliver had aware of the friction between the political convictions of the five islanders divided between conservatives and democrats. In order to put ones against the others, with its press he began to publish two weeklies magazine, “the sun” for the democrats, whose line was “if you are not more free the guilt is of the conservatives who provoke the high inflation to rise the prices”, while the other newspaper, “the star” for the conservative ones was on the line “the calamitous condition of the national debt is due to the traitor democrats who make barters out of the official commercial net”. The two factions fought ferociously between them, forgetting that the true responsible for their misfortunes was the banker, become master of their money, because of their naïveté.



Fig. 16

The mining technician, Tom, on a small beach hidden from the high grass, found in a rescue nozzle a case that contained of documents. There was a book: “The first year of social accreditation” and quickly read: “The money is measuring instrument of the values. They are of property of the community.”  
Every time that the production increases, has to increase the amount of the money that must be emitted from the community, without to become indebted itself, paying the works of public interest. The production increases make to increase, in corresponding way, the amount of the money in circulation”. Tom immediately perceived its companions on the island.



Fig. 17

This - Tom said - is that we could already make without waiting for a banker and its barrel of gold and without to sign some debit”.
I open an account to the name of everyone of you. In the right column I put the accreditations, in the left the expenses to remove from your account. All this is possible starting from a credit, without to pay interests to nobody.”



Fig. 18

Oliver understood everything, he received a letter signed by the five men:  "Dear Sir, with no reason you have exploited and plunged us into debt. We will no longer need to use your monetary system. From now forward we will have all the necessary money without gold, or to pay debts or taxes. We're changing immediately your currency plagued by debt with another money talented by credit."
Oliver felt that his empire was crumbling. He realized that those men had discovered where the value of money comes from and realized that their discovery would spread rapidly throughout the world. Oliver said: "These men have discovered the induced value of the currency. Their doctrine will spread much faster than mine. Should I beg their forgiveness? I will become one of them? ME,
​​a financier and a banker? Never! Rather I’ll try to get off this damned island! "



Fig. 19

Our five men decided to persuade the banker to sign a document declaring that all the existing assets on the island were owned by them, including the printing press and the famous barrel of gold of which Oliver had to reveal where he hid. The barrel was surprisingly light for gold filled. "If it were full of gold, would be much heavier."
"But as gold? There was only a few stones! To think of a scam so evil must really hate all of humanity! "
The carpenter angrily raised the axe, but the banker had already fled into the forest.



Fig. 20

A ship which crosses the island out of the navigation route, noticed the sign on the island and sent a boat to check. Our men, heard that the ship was en route to America, went on board and could not take anything else, they took with them the documentation on the monetary issue and vowed to spread it across Canada where they talked about their experience, just to never to let that humanity become enslaved by fictitious debt created and imposed by the bankers coterie.


Final consideration of the author

Unfortunately we are still in the same situation on the island of five men under the yoke of the banker, with the aggravating circumstance that in the Aug. 15, 1971, with the collapse of the Bretton Woods agreements, all we know officially that every banknote has its own life without the need none of the gold reserve.
The value printed is the title conferred by the people who use and these must be credited the amount which is attained at the time of issue.
In the absence of what, we all continue, except of course the bankers, to be more unawares of them.


Note by Alex Focus

The represented history has much connection with a real event, the currency of the Island of Guernesey, happened in 1822 in one of the Norman islands of the English Channel (this adventure did not end well for the inhabitants of the island, brutally repressed from the criminal British authorities), and remembered by Geltrude COOGAN in its work “The Creators of the Currency”, publisher AR (Italy), 1998, as remembered also by Bruno TARQUINI in its “The Bank, the Currency and the Usure” publisher ControCorrente (Italy), 2010.

One of the fundamental reasons of the activism in the sense of the diffusion of the perverse mechanisms of seigniorage, in this starting 2012, has been the sudden acceleration of the devastating action of the globalization that, under the blows of a false economic crisis induced by the diabolic forces of the financial power, is overbearing pushing all us forward a real crisis of the families economy, of the society, of the spirit.


Versione Italiana 

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